At 网上买足球彩票app we provide more than just a smorgasbord of digital marketing services – we assemble a tailor-made online marketing strategy specifically for your business. To be truly effective, every digital marketing activity should be filtered through a shared 理解 of your business and customers.

quote: "tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat"

Our account management team works with you to define your goals and compile your unique online marketing campaign strategy. They connect the dots between all of your digital marketing services and ensure that every project runs smoothly, contributing to the desired result. The whole is more than the sum of its parts: each activity builds upon the next to grow your business.


Any engagement with us starts with a free comprehensive assessment of your digital marketing footprint.  网上买足球彩票app will evaluate how effectively you are using the digital marketing channels that make the most sense for your business.

Questions your initial assessment will seek to answer

  • Does your website’s messaging work? Is it an effective sales tool?
  • 是你的 business well represented in 搜索引擎?
  • Do you have content on your website capable of attracting new leads and turning customers into advocates?
  • Do other high-quality websites reference you as an authority?
  • Are you spending your 付费搜索 有效的预算?
  • 是你的 social media marketing increasing customer loyalty, retention and referrals?
  • 是你的 邮件列表 日益增长的?  Do your emails provoke your customers to action?
  • Are you well-positioned against major competitors in your market?

We present the findings of this initial assessment to you in person if possible, or else via conference call, and from then on your digital marketing strategy becomes an ongoing conversation.


Broadly, our process takes place over three stages: setup, execution, and adjustment. While many of the strategic discussions and decisions will take place in the setup phase, the adjustment phase ensures that everybody is continually referencing the agreed upon strategy and helping to refine it for a more effective execution.

Collectively the seven tasks that make up our process equip us with all of the knowledge, 理解, and insight to create a digital marketing strategy that can grow with your business for the foreseeable future.

steps to campaign-strategy

An evolving digital marketing strategy

As the online marketplace is constantly changing, a portion of our work involves testing and adjusting the strategy. We put a strong emphasis on communication and analysis leading to improved execution. Our services work because they are customized for you and are constantly evolving.

If it becomes clear that your campaign strategy isn’t working, or if a change to your underlying business model necessitates a change of focus, we’ll be right there with you.  We understand that the best digital marketing strategy for any business is an evolving one.